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The Philippines unveiled FSI’s leading talents at WFIS Awards 2023

MANILA, Sept 25, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – With technology innovations in the financial sector expanding by leaps and bounds, the Philippines …

Vietnam: Can it become the Fintech Mecca of the east?

Vietnam’s fintech has reached new heights and the newly introduced regulatory sandbox is further fueling its growth…

Kenya Institute of Bankers now backing the country’s biggest FSI show

World Financial Innovation Series (WFIS) 2023 – Kenya, a two-day mega scale event, focused on tech innovations in Kenya’s FSI…

WFIS Paces to Unveil Indonesia’s Most Advanced FSI Show

With Indonesia darting to incorporate the latest technology innovations in FSI, the country’s fintech is expected to generate $8.6 billion…

WFIS became the most iconic networking soiree for Philippines’ FSI

While dialogues on fintech, fintech’s growing usage and its merger with traditional banking system has become a common…

VNBA joined hands with Tradepass to orchestrate Vietnam’s most disruptive fintech show

HANOI, Vietnam, Apr 25, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – With a projected value of $18 billion by 2024, the country’s fintech…

Industry news

EkkBaz raises $500,000 in funding, aims to expand operations in Vietnam, Singapore, and Bangladesh

EkkBaz, a B2B marketplace with an embedded financing platform for small businesses, is pleased to announce that it has raised USD 500,000 in funding from Haitou Global…

What China’s zero-COVID troubles mean for global economic growth

The country has tried to eliminate all cases of COVID-19, but three years later, frequent lockdowns and strict quarantine guidelines have led to food shortages, delayed health care, and mental health struggles…

2023 will be the year of inflation and financial turpitude

While infrastructural development projects such as the Padma Bridge, Dhaka’s metro, new railways, power plants and the like will add efficiency and productivity to the economy…



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